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People always had an attraction to space. Look at the night sky attentively. How little we know about the wonders and contents of the cosmos! If you are interested in what is behind that sky, take the opportunity to study astronomy. It is the subject that has changed the world we live in. Our universe is extremely huge, so there are still a lot of things astronomers should discover and investigate.

Astronomers are scientists who observe galaxies, faraway stars, and planets, examine different events which can occur in space, and try to find answers to various questions concerning cosmos.

Studying astronomy will give you a chance to take on research projects, present at different conferences around the world to build international collaborations, learn all aspects of astronomy, find solutions to existing astronomical problems, develop new observational instruments, and consider the hardest concept of our expanding universe.  Sounds interesting, isn`t it?

How to become an astronomer?

In order to become an astronomer you should have good study skills, dedication, and inspiration to discover something new and amazing.

Prepare for the challenges

Astronomy is not an easy subject to study. So, prepare to study very hard and choose the area you would like to work in the future. Focus on physics, mathematics, geography, and computer sciences while being at school. To become a qualified astronomer takes a lot of time and resources. On top of your initial degree you have to get some postgraduate qualifications.

Look for a suitable college and select appropriate degree subjects

Look for the university which offers the best astronomy options. Consider the overseas universities. If you can`t get into the pure astronomy degree, then study physics or mathematics. In general, astronomy degrees consist of both theory and observation. Also, you should be prepared to work hard on various lab tasks, essays, course and other papers. Do not worry, you can also use the essay writing services in the cases when you lack time.

Devote some time to improve your programming skills

It is very important to understand the key mathematical principles of programming.

Make astronomy your real passion

Learn as much as possible about astronomy even if it not your first degree. Read everything about it, take trips to science museums and observatories, meet with real astronomers, join a local astronomy society, and keep an eye on online astronomy forums. These activities can help you become a keen astronomer.

Dedicate your career work to a particular area of astronomy

It is very important to choose which area of astronomy studies interest you most of all. You can specialize in solar astronomy, planetary science or the origin and evolution of stars. However, you should remember that even having a particular specialization, your work can very broadly. You can analyze data, educate the public, do some researches, and attend different conferences and meetings.

Where to study astronomy?

The top 10 universities for astronomy worldwide are:

Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of Tokyo, and ETH Zurich.

Astronomy is a good field if you have analytical and scientific skills. You should get a PhD in astronomy to have the highest chances of getting a job. Such organizations as NASA will definitely require you to earn a degree. Don`t lose the opportunity to study such an amazing subject. Think also of the disciplines which are closely related to astronomy such as galactic astronomy, astrobiology, planetary science or astrophysics. You can easily become a person who will be able to solve the biggest secrets of our universe.