Privacy policy

The privacy policy is intended to regulate our rules and rules for customers. If you want to cooperate with us and order papers from the service, you will have to give certain agreements, concerning your personal and contact information. When you open our website in your browser, you automatically give an agreement to be bound to the document. If you have any disagreements with the presented information, please do not review the site and do not make orders for writing papers.

Sometimes, during certain functions, you will be asked to give your agreement with our terms and conditions. In the case, if you do not want to express your consent, you will be asked to leave the website. Do not proceed with any actions, such as placing orders, making payments, etc. if you think that collecting information is wrong and unsafe.

General provisions goal is to provide a high-quality service to every visitor of the website. We require a simple and quick procedure of identification, which will help us to communicate with you online. When you visit the site, we get some information on your visit. It helps us to improve users’ experience and develop the site. Please, give correct, relevant, and up-to-date information, therefore, our cooperation will be useful and effective.

Information that is given by visitors can be obtained only in that case if you agreed and have your explicit consent. You will have to submit most of the information personally. However, there are cases when we collect information without your agreement. Here are examples of information that will be submitted once you accepted the rules:

  • Fill forms and questionaries
  • Identify your personality
  • Communicate with us by any of available ways

We also collect information that is concerned your browser:

  • Observe your activities and interaction on the website
  • Check transactions made by you
  • Cookies usage

Here are samples of information that we never collect:

  • Ethnicity
  • Political views
  • Religion or philosophical believes
  • Mental or physical condition
  • Sex life
  • Criminal record

Once you open this website in your browser, our system will identify the type of your browser, operating system, and the time of access. Our system collects this information from every visitor of the site but it does not allow us to identify customers’ personality. Such information helps us to improve usability of the site and customize the layout of website pages only.

There will be times when you will have to give your information, contact details and credit card information in particular. We must collect such information as long as we need to notify customers about their orders, as well as make safe payments. Please, take a look at the examples of information that you should give us to proceed with your order and deliver it in time:

  • Phone number
  • Email address for sending notifications regarding your order. You may also agree to receive letters about special offers, discounts, promotion and advertisement material)
  • Credit card information (first and last name plus 4 last digits on the card are necessary for making payment at our website)
  • Copy of your ID or driver’s license (these details are needed for payment authorization)

We are open to receive complaints and suggestions from the customers as long as we want to deliver the best service and make our clients feel safe when making orders and payment online. We are willing to provide additional information on demand at any time. Please, contact our customer support and get your questions answered in a short time.

If you want to receive SMS notifications from us, mention it in the letter and we will be happy to keep you updated with useful information about our service.