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Please, take into consideration that VAT tax in tot included in the mentioned prices. The tax will be charged only from EU customers. It will be added to the price of the paper during the payment process. Every customer is charged in the US dollar; therefore, if you make payment in the Euro or any other currency, the conversion fee will also be added.

We have no control over the European Central Bank; therefore, you may be charged a different price if the exchange rate is different on the day when you make an order at our website.

Loyalty program

We offer bonuses that will help you to pay for your orders. When you place an order, you will get bonuses. So, the more orders you place, the more bonuses you get, and the faster you can order a paper by using your bonuses.

How to collect bonuses?

  1. Place the first order. We will give you 10% off guaranteed
  2. Confirm that you are satisfied with the delivered paper
  3. Transfer earned bonuses to the credit balance store
  4. Use earned bonuses to pay less for the next order

To save your money and get the best result you can combine earned bonuses and discounts. Find out more information about collecting bonuses from our service or contact our customer support managers and receive a professional consultation on the issue that interests you.

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Want to place an order via the phone?
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