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The first step into adulthood usually is taken trough the great college door. After a great summer vocation, the relief of entering the college and carefree days are now only a good memory. Replete, hectic and captivating university weekdays are taken place. The time spent in the university will not only broaden the knowledge in Math or Biology but it’s also a great boost into the real world and survival. Here are some tips how to survive by “the law of the jungle” on campus.

Get to Know the Neighbors

From my personal experience of living on campus, I’d say that getting in touch with people when you arrive is very important. Trust me, as much as you are confused, worried and a bit shy to meet new people, as much are your neighbors. A simple “Hello” in a hall is a first step to get to know other students. Having a lot of acquaintances has its pluses: you’re always aware of interesting stuff and new events and have some people that can help you out in a great variety of things.

Make Yourself Feel Like Home

No wonder that it may be hard to leave the place where you’ve been living for 18 years. Though, you can bring a part of the home coziness with you on campus. Work out something to fight with monotone and commonness of campus layout and deco. Bring a favorite poster or a photo frame of family and friends or a dearest and nearest teddy bear to make yourself feel like home. Plus, do not forget that people you share room with feel homesick as well. It’s a great opportunity to make some friends and support them: knock on the door with a plate of extra cookies or offer some help to do the renovations in the room. You won’t believe how fast you’ll get used around.

Share household chores

As much the campus life is crasy, fun and wonderful, as much it is full of doing the dishes and washing the floor. Maintaining the cleanliness in the room, without mom’s constant reminders and help is a challenging acceleration for maturing. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do around the room or block by yourself. Divide chores or make a schedule for each roommate. It is sometimes impossible to avoid some conflicts but a timetable will minimize them. Cooking is also an important part of cohabitation. It’s chipper to cook a meal for a group than for one; and much more fun to do it together. If you do not like to cook a lot, a cooking schedule will help you out: cooking three times a week (spaghetti or a soup) won’t take you much affords and time.

Plan the budget ahead

The dog days are over now. Put it into your pipe and smoke: planning your budget ahead will keep you out of troubles. Students are always short on money: you pretty much rely on your own now. Think of the most vital costs: books, food, drinks, accommodation fee and “hanging out” expenses. I bet the list is pretty long, especially for girls. Bad news, you probably should cut on some stuff on the list. Come up with the way how to save money: cooking together, look for discounts or simply abandon spending money on some unnecessary stuff.

Not a step without a diary

An important test on the next week, or a big Halloween party and you haven’t come up with the outfit yet, or a meeting with a friend in the gallery? So many important events and tasks to do – the head will go round in just few days. That’s why, make a calendar or set up a reminder. Personally I prefer the “old school” small diary that I can keep around me all the time in a backpack. You may get an app on the phone or just use the calendar manager to be on time.