Why Do Not We Like Writing Essays?

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Writing academic essays is challenging. Every student knows it. You may ask why it is so. First of all, more and more academic institutions use this format of assignments as the most applicable one. Students face tight deadlines and many writing assignments within them, especially during examination sessions.

Even if a student strives to cope with all of them on time and with the best quality, they often get frustrated if they feel they cannot do such enormous amounts of work. That is why they often relate to specific online paper writing services where experienced and well-qualified writers can do all the work for them.

The article explains several main reasons why students usually get frustrated about their writing assignments and start hating them over time.

Writing Can Feel Uncomfortable

Many students do not feel comfortable writing. They do not have enough time for preparatory work, so they feel stressed to write a paper. As a result, they may do horrible work.

Most high schools do not prepare their students for these challenges at college. So, students lack the necessary skills for producing high-quality work. If you do not know how to do things properly, you are unlikely to enjoy the process. If you feel uncomfortable, you start hating these tasks and the very idea of taking them up.

Poor Writing Skills Can Be a Problem

Nobody wants to look stupid. If a student is afraid of making grammar or spelling mistakes, they will not like the task. Students who are always worried about looking inconsistently and not prepared will never write an essay properly. Fear or hatred for writing as a process and bad assumptions about the results demotivate young people from doing such assignments.

Misunderstanding Why They Need Academic Writing for Their Course

Many students who are doing technical courses do not understand why they need to write something if their job is to deal with numbers but not words. If you are doing your course in English or literature, you have prepared for a lot of writing before starting it.

On the contrary, people who major in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or business, think that writing is unnecessary for their future careers.

This lack of understanding results in treating writing assignments as something boring and distracting, something that does not have anything in common with what they want to do. Getting a consistent explanation why they need writing in any job or career can help a lot.

Essay Topics May Feel Irrelevant

Most students nowadays are looking for practical value in their studies. They are more likely to name all the advanced models of smartphones rather than all the French revolutionaries. If a student does not understand how they can apply their expertise and knowledge to solving everyday problems, they feel uninterested.

Young people are not enthusiastic about writing essays since they believe that essays are just a waste of time they can easily avoid. If topics do not relate to their practical needs, they cannot focus on the essential information because they simply do not know what to point out. People just consider that remembering things that do not contribute to or help improve their daily routines is useless.

Sharing Subjective Ideas and Views Can Be a Problem

Writing assignments usually have a certain goal. Most often, it is to find or explain the answers to some questions. However, there may not be one answer to the question, or a student needs to express their view of it. If you can formulate an argument and defend your point of view, it is OK. Though if you are not sure and do not feel confident enough, expressing and supporting your ideas and visions may be problematic.

Most high school tests are objective, and they require one correct answer. That is why if you come across the need to become subjective and explain your thoughts, you may feel uneasy and start hating the task.

Revising and Proofreading Can Be Boring

It happens that professors demand you to make changes in your work over and over again. You may not learn anything new from that but just feel frustrated and unable to complete the assignment and forget about it as if it were a nightmare. That is why students believe that the entire writing process is dull because they will not manage to meet all the instructor’s requirements anyway.

Looking for the tiniest errors and going through the paper the tenth time does not add much enthusiasm to such sort of work in the future.

Misunderstanding Is a Source of Hatred

Students often do not understand what they should write about. The assignments can be either too detailed and confusing or rather short without giving any details at all. Both variants produce stress. To avoid it, young people decide to relate to someone’s help instead of trying to investigate the task and try to realize what it is all about. Asking online services can be helpful but not every time.

The problem of an extended curriculum adds much to this misunderstanding. That is why you should ask a lot of questions to your professor, trying to find out everything you need to cope with the task. Only if you do not have enough time, you can use paper writing platforms. However, your professor will not be happy when you do it. And your overall studying process will not provide you with much knowledge if you keep up doing it.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know the reasons why you feel so frustrated and confused with your writing assignments. Maybe, it is time to reconsider some of your approaches and find the best ways to deal with your writing. If you know the cause, it will be easier to find a remedy.