Masters in Management can Favorably Influence Your Future Career

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More and more students want to take the place on master`s in management courses, as they start to realize how this can help them with their career success. Taking these courses will open the door to such companies as Goldman Sachs or PwC.

We have gathered useful information about the benefits of getting the master`s degree in management.

You`ll forget to worry about your first job

Students are to pay their dues even before they get well-paid and prestigious jobs. But you should know that all students who work on LBS’s MiM have less than 2 years of experience and they have already moved to consulting, finance sectors jumping upon others. So you have the same chances.

You are to work abroad in the very end

There`s the statistics which shows the diversity of lobs chosen by LBS’s MiM graduates. 42% went in consulting while 34% connected their lives with finance – they work with investment banking, venture capital, investment capital etc and the rest went into technology, media and entertainment.

Bart van der Veld is LBS’s MiM 2016 graduate and he is now working as an associate consultant at Bain & Company Amsterdam. Giving an interview he said that he`s very thankful to LBS’s as they prepared him really well for the career in management. Knowledge he got there helped him to achieve such results as he has now.

Your salary will be always impressing

Graduates of LBS’s MiM always earn much more that others and their bonuses are high. Their average salary is approximately £41,963. Professionals can expect to earn much more enjoying the job they do.

You could get a top position at Google, Goldman Sachs, or J.P. Morgan

Your future career also depends on the experience which you get and the right motivation. This all is possible with LBS. You will visit meeting with policymakers, successful entrepreneurs, some government leaders. You will have a chance to discuss problems and important questions with them. This will provide you with the good basis for your successful future. Lots of big companies which are popular worldwide have hired our graduates, Google, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse and others.

Do you won`t regret getting management degree.