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We all have been through this: working hard on a serious project at work or college and at some point it gets stuck. Simply because of the lack of ideas, fresh thoughts or just your interest burns out. It is a common thing but it doesn’t mean it is normal. It’s possible to wriggle out of the deadlock. We offer you a couple of easy tips for everyday that are applicable to any work or studying.

Sleep Tight – Work Alright

Sleep deprivation is the root of all your problems. You fall asleep at night but your brain doesn’t. It performs one of its most important functions – excretes metabolites from the neurons (all the unnecessary and harmful accumulations). Basically it just cleans itself.  Think of your computer: what happens if you don’t clean it? Right, it’s more liable to derangements! Keeping a healthy sleeping pattern will keep the brain fit. It seems that there’s not enough time to complete the task and the way out is to cut on sleep. Well, it is NOT. If the head isn’t fresh enough, the energy conversion efficiency of the work equals zero.

Digress from the Topic

I remember a story of one nurse: when getting on the bus after work, she was looking at passengers’ arms and thinking whether she could hit the vein on the first try for a blood test. The point is, when you work hard on something all the time you are all into the subject even when you are off the work. Thus, when you get yourself distracted for some other things (even usual ones like a cup of coffee or brushing teeth), subconsciously thoughts, related to the project, are still processing in the head. You free the mind and the solution may strike you, while you’re making a sandwich.

Give it a Break

Working hard is the major part of the productivity. However, “no rest for the wicked” (workaholic) shouldn’t be the case. Constant thinking process, working stress and tension are fraught with what people call burning out. Losing interest to what you’re doing because it doesn’t bring you happiness and satisfaction any more, won’t add to your productivity. Be more lenient to yourself: go on a work in the park to clear up the mind, or try fishing and relax by the water. Take some time to relax, calm down and replenish the energy reserve. As the White Rabbit said “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”.

Muse – the Goddess of Inspiration

British rock is great but it’s not the kind of Muse that will bestow you with ideas while watching YouTube and doing nothing. The inspiration will come only while working. Therefore, the lack of inspiration is not an excuse for not working. The productivity will rise in the process when you get deep into your ideas and find inspiration in the project.

Manage the Work Ahead

Fact: the day has 24 hours. That’s a general knowledge that we often forget about or try to outwit. Sorry General Knowledge – it’s a human nature! We cannot make the day longer or hours pass slower. The only thing that’s in our control is managing 24 hours that we have. Plan your work ahead and try to accomplish the hardest tasks first. The productivity will remain high as long as you do not procrastinate and leave the work for the last minute. Hence, nothing special will get into the head, when it’s full of thoughts about not missing the deadline.