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Some jobs that are so popular and well-paid today did not even exist three decades ago. Moreover, no one could even imagine that such types of occupations could exist and that they could be very much on demand. However, mainly due to the technological development of the world, we are facing the fact that workers with new skills and an open mind are really what is needed nowadays on the job market.


In the very beginning, blogging was something that can be described as simply having an online diary. However, it quickly grew up in popularity and is now a great business which puts many bloggers in the rank of celebrities. Not everyone recognizes blogging as a profession, but, nevertheless, many of those who chose this path translate their creative content into million-dollar deals.

Drone operator

Even a few years ago drones seemed to be something that exists only in sci-fi movies; however, nowadays many of us are no longer surprised by this unmanned aircraft. They became widely used such areas as in the military, real estate, filmmaking and even for personal entertainment purposes. No wonder that people who know how to operate the machines are in demand right now.

Virtual assistant

With the development of the internet and with the advancement of technological equipment, such opportunities as working distantly became very popular. Nowadays many jobs can be successfully performed online. One of them is a position of a virtual assistant. You no longer need to be in the office in order to perform administrative tasks or provide assistance to the clients. Without jeopardizing the quality of the service, you can easily provide all sorts of customer support distantly due to the availability of the internet.

Social media manager

It is hard to overestimate the influence of social media on our lives these days. It seems like it is involved everywhere, and it was estimated that at least three-quarters of people worldwide are somehow connected to social media. It is not surprising that companies and individuals need experts who can effectively manage their profiles on different social platforms. In particular, if you need your business to get more profitable, hiring a social media manager will be crucial for your success.


Thirty years ago people were quite relaxed in their attitude to lifestyle, in particular, in terms of food. Nowadays, people became more aware of what they consume and what influence it has on their body. The idea of a healthy lifestyle is very domineering in our society nowadays, so the expert advice of nutritionist is very in demand right now.

Our world keeps changing and evolving, so the necessity of new jobs arises as well. We will see more and more of new and surprising vacancies on the market as the time pass by, but for now, checking out our list of currently popular occupations might help you land your dream job.