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How in the world three years have passed so fast? It seems that just yesterday I was running around campus with the mask of bewilderment and confusion on my face looking for a right classroom. It is unbelievable how quickly the time flows by but what is more unbelievable is this stack of assignments on my desk that needs to be done. Graduating tests, the research work, uncertainty in the future and blurry understanding of where the life is going add some fuel to the fire as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spend three years in a library studying or by a bar counter – we all have tons of work to be done. The main trick is not to panic and set the mind to the right point. However, that’s not so easy to do as to say. Check out some of the most effective tips to set your mind on work and cope with the final push.

Bury your face in the book

Facebook or face in the book – that is the question. Hamlet couldn’t even imagine that this question may occur in the twenty first century. Still, if you do not cut on using Facebook and browsing memes every 10 minutes there’s a great chance that you can turn into poor Yorick buried under the tones of uncompleted work. I don’t mean shutting down on Facebook completely. Try to find some balance between the work and free time. If it’s hard to accomplish – set the priority: useless memes and the sleepless night or a good mark and a healthy sleep? You are the one to decide but I think the choice is obvious. If you feel that you are dependent on social websites, at least find some motivating Facebook accounts, such as: graduating blogs, internship offers of foreign exchanges groups – something that will remind you that there are other great students around you and you have to compete for the job offers. So close the Internet and go to the library (well, right after you finish this article).

The Grasshopper and the Ant

You will never be younger than you are now – it’s true. College years are the best ones: full of events, parties, fun and awkward situations. Yet there comes time when you should move the fun stuff to the background. Try your best to plan your week and give yourself some time to have a glass in the bar once in a while. Just remember that this time the rate is high. So when the next time you go to the bar at the middle of the week, ask yourself, does this onion is worth peeling? Your productivity won’t be high enough in the morning, when you are suffering through the hangover. Relaxation is a part of boosting the productivity but try to find the appropriate time for that. Do not forget what happened to Grasshopper in the fable.

Do not Procrastinate

Procrastination is carved on most of the students foreheads. It’s a kind of a distinguishing student feature. The experience of managing the work comes with time. Now, here’s the breaking news: the time has come. By the end of the college managing work and planning the time has to be one of the most useful knowledge you could’ve obtained in the Alma Mater. Frankly, I also practice once in a while sleepless nights, working on a project surrounded by cups of coffee. Though, if you want to turn in a great assignment on time, think of planning the work ahead. A crumpled paper full of mistakes and overworked ideas won’t lead you to a successful final year in college.