How to get on well with your flatmates?

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There are some things that are unavoidable while studying at the university – tuition, writing assignments, junk food, and, of course, flatmates. It is quite normal to be worried about the dorm life. You get into the new environment, where almost everything should be shared. Here are some useful tips about how to live and study happily with other people.

 Choose your flatmates wisely and attentively

Take your time to decide who you would like to live with, be it dormitory or the rented house.  Don`t be influenced by the first students you ran into. Think carefully and don`t get under the pressure. Of course, no one wants to be left alone, but you should know something about your potential flatmates in order to make sure that you will have a successful household. Don`t rush into getting a room with the completely unknown people just because you think they liked you.

Write down a list of rules

It is very important to set down some rules, when you all arrived and got acquainted with each other. You can create a rota, so that everybody will know what to do around the house and when is his or her turn. It is very useful, when it comes to cleaning toilets or sweeping the room. You will definitely have fewer arguments.


 Talk about your household problems

Some things can bother you sometimes. Just don`t bear them in your mind. The way-out is to call a house meeting and tell what definitely annoys you. You can discuss the problem together and find the right solution.

Don`t forget to clean after yourself

Always keep the place where you live clean and neat. You should remember that you live with other people, so you have to respect their needs. Just don`t leave your plates and other utensils on the kitchen and don`t scatter your things and clothes around the room.

Don`t take someone`s else`s things without asking

You will all have the personal shelves for all your things. Don`t steal – it is very humiliating.  Just ask, if you really need something. You will be definitely annoyed, if your flatmate takes your thing without the permission.

Pay your rent in good time

Your tenant will be definitely happy, if you pay everything in time. He will be kind to you and ready to help you in case some issues arise.

Don`t move your girlfriend or boyfriend in

You should always let your flatmates know beforehand of your girlfriend`s or boyfriend`s coming. Of course, you can invite her or him to your room, but don`t do it on the regular basis. It will be very unpleasant, if your lover uses the utilities and bathroom. Just move out and find another place to live together.

 Don`t become a nag

Don`t be a house nag! Of course, it is very important to keep everything clean, but it can be very annoying, if you remind your flatmates of the mess all the time. Just set some rules in your room, be compromise and reasonable.

 Don`t inconvenience your flatmates

Think about the people you share the room with. If you had a party it doesn`t mean that you can behave in the way you want. It is very rude to come early in the morning and sing at the top of your voice.

 Be sociable

Common politeness and courtesy are the keys to the harmonious existence. It is not necessarily to become the best friends with your flatmates and talk almost about everything. Just be sociable and open and create the positive atmosphere in your room. Don`t be offish   and you won`t find others talking about you behind your back.