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If you use your computer both for studying and for a leisure time, it is very easy to get distracted. As a result, many important tasks may end up being not completed on time or simply not done at all. Such distractions as regular email notifications, messages in social media or newly posted videos can really intervene with your study process. In such cases, for most of the students, time management software can be very handy as they can help you prioritize your tasks, plan your working time and avoid distractions.


One of the most effective tools for blocking distractions is a FocusWriter software. It covers your whole screen so that you end up with an empty page for you to concentrate on one thing – creative writing. You are no longer able to see any interrupting incoming emails or social media messages. You can customize your background and use provided timers to avoid constant clock-watching. Bear in mind that FocusWriter is not suitable for editing and you need to activate auto-saving before you start writing. However, for brainstorming or creating your first draft of your paper without getting any disruptions this software can be very useful.


For you to stay motivated, but most importantly, organized, such software as Trello was created. With this program, you are able to create multiple to-do lists and set the deadlines. Each item is placed on the card and once the task is completed, you move the card to the list of jobs that were finished successfully. At the end of the day, you can see what was done and what is not and also decide what needs to be assigned to other people.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is one of the most efficient distraction blockers. It might seem quite strict for some, as it can block not only access to applications, specific web page or the internet itself, but it can even lock you out of your computer. However, according to the statistics, 97% of those who decided to try using this software, improved their productivity and would definitely recommend this program to the fellow students.

Rainy Mood

Working atmosphere can be very easily disrupted by noises around your studying place. Some students like to study with music playing in the background. Some students (those who prefer to study at night) might find complete silence to be uncomfortable and distracting from the learning process. In such cases, when you need to tune yourself into a working mode, web software can become a handy tool. Rainy Mood is a free web and a mobile application with the sound of raindrops and even a distant thunder. It helps to relax and get distracted from outside noises and get into the studying mode.

If you one of those who finds it difficult to control yourself and your urge to get distracted while you working at the computer, the software that we listed above might be really useful. If you made a decision to regain control over your time and become more productive in your learning process, you need to try one of those programs. They will not only help you excel in your study life but will provide you with new skills of the time management giving you unique insights into how to productively deal with your everyday life.