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That is really true that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change our world to better. So, it is a thing number one in lots of people`s minds to be well-educated, finish university and get a desirable work. Of course education is a very important thing. I suppose everyone considers this point of view without doubt. However, the development of education systems differs greatly if we compare them in different countries of the world.

Many people living in the USA believe that their education system is the best one, but still it is ranked in 14th position in comparison with some Asian and European educational establishments and systems. So, let`s take a look on top 10 best and mostly appreciated education systems in the world.

The key question here is which countries provide their citizens with the best educational systems and opportunities for self-development. There were many various researches concerning this topic.

So, if to talk about education systems of 2016 in general, we can point out such important issues:

  • Countries of East Asia do their best to maintain their superiority in education system comparing with other nations. South Korea is the number one here, followed by Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. They are well-known thanks to their smartness, clear system of education, accountability and engagement.
  • If we are speaking about Scandinavian countries, it should be admitted that their positions are becoming lower. It is a surprising deal taking into account the fact that they had a considerably higher position previously.
  • Poland, Russia and Israel undertook some measures and showed the world significant improvements in their systems of education.

If to analyze the year of 2012, the results of research are as follows:

  • South Korea is a country with very specific education system. People there take it very seriously and they are dedicated to the learning process. Students attend their classes 7 days a week and do their home tasks from very early ages.
  • In Korea and Finland the profession of teacher is highly appreciated like anywhere in the world. Teachers are always respected and notable people there, like, for example, doctors in the countries of the west.
  • One more extremely interesting and surprising fact is that English is used almost by each student in South Korea. They are even better in English than French people.
  • The list of top 20 best education systems 2012:   Finland –  South Korea – Hong Kong – Japan – Singapore –UK – Netherlands –  New Zealand –  Switzerland –  Canada – Ireland – Denmark – Australia – Poland – Germany –  Belgium –  USA – Hungary –  Slovakia –  Russia.

Now it is high time to speak about 10 top mostly appreciated education systems 2016:

  • The place number one is for South Korea. The national budget for education is $11,300,000,000! The literacy rate is also high enough – 97.9%. Taking into account the fact that children there attend school 7 days per week and that is a responsible deal for all of them, this country really deserves to be ranked the first.
  • The second one is Japan. The GDP nearly 5.96 trillion USD. And that explains the position.  The technology-based educational structure prepares true professionals in various spheres.
  • Singapore is number 3 in this competition thanks to the strong primary education system.
  • The next one in the list is Hong Kong. The budget is $39, 420 per capita. They show special approaches and new methods in learning. The literacy rate is 94.6%.
  • The old champion Finland is now number 5. There was a serious drawback in the education system. The annual educational budget is €11.1 billion.
  • Country number 6 is UK, where the GDP per capita is 21st highest in the world with $38,711.
  • The next one is Canada. The rate of literacy is almost 100%. Canadian government really cares a lot about the education deal: they invest 5.4% of country`s Gross Domestic Product in the education sector.
  • If to speak about Netherlands, this country is number 8. The education sector is not paid enough. Moreover, there are some misunderstandings with the planning, management and so on.
  • The country where the literacy rate is almost 100%, Ireland, is number 9 here. The education of all levels is free there. Irish government spends 8.759 billion euro annually on the education.
  • And the position number 10 is for Poland with its well managed primary and secondary educational bases.

A good education is always favorable in one`s life. So, each country should pay great attention to their education system, as an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.