10 Ways to Blow Off Steam: Stress will not pass

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The modern life is so complicated, dynamic, and busy that sometimes you just need to stop and calm your mind. Here are 10 useful tips to cope with stress and anxiety, to deal with your feelings, and to blow off steam. All exercises are fast, approachable, and easy to do.


The first and probably the main rule is breathing. Breathe deeply. Try not to think about your problems and reasons at all. Slowly count to 10. And then repeat it again and again until it works. Meditation is also a nice practice. Just focus on yourself and forget about the outer world for a while.


Use your time with profit. If you have at least half an hour, go for a walk. Enjoy fresh air and picturesque views. It doesn’t matter if there is a bright sun or a cool rain. Good walking or even jogging is a healthy, positive and fun way to blow off steam.


Reading is the simplest way to get rid of your troubles and emotions. It is the time-tested method to escape from exhausting reality and to get lost somewhere in another world, between favorite characters, exciting adventures, and captivating atmosphere. In perspective, all books you have read will also help you to solve your own problems and to spot right decisions.

Listening to Music

Music is the best healer. It can change your mood in a moment. Your precious playlist can easily calm you down. Another one will build you up. There are a lot of styles and genres to suit any situation. Music apps even have ready-made playlists and different recommendations according to user’s mood, tastes, and wishes. Furthermore, music inspires to dance, so don’t limit yourself.


Write something down. Anything. Write down your emotions, your wishes, your plans or thoughts. Create a simple essay, article or blog, whatever. Just concentrate on noting something. Do it quickly and fix your every emotion. Writing helps to analyze the situation, to disassemble a problem, to figure out all pros and cons. Maybe one day you will write down your own story or novel, who knows.


Sounds fun, but changing activity is the best way to take a break from the annoying problem. During making your house or working place clean you also clearing your own thoughts. Put everything in order in your apartment and in your mind as well.


Cooking is not just a routine but also an interesting creative process. As with cleaning, you concentrate on correct steps. Your efforts will be rewarded with a delicious meal. Choose something you like the most and have fun.


Exercises are definitely the healthiest way to blow off steam. Make your energy, emotions, and stress work for you. Also, it helps to look fit and to feel better. Find interesting workout, set some goals and make sport your daily routine. And then endorphins, adrenalin, and other hormones will do everything themselves. Stretching and yoga help you to wake up in the morning and to relax after hard day.

Art Therapy

Creative outlets always help to calm down. Art therapy is used all over the world to reduce stress level. Draw, play a musical instrument, write poetry, learn new creative skills. You shouldn’t be excellent professional to enjoy the process.

Coffee Break

It doesn’t have to be exactly coffee. Drink a cup of tea or a glass of juice, eat a favorite cupcake, use anti-stress toys, play a simple silly game on your smart phone. Don’t focus on troubles. Just find something makes you happy at the moment.